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May 31, 2020


We are happy to announce that Original Number 1 Chinese Kitchen reopened on May 12, 2020 and is back to serving the community as we have done for the past 39 years. We are taking all necessary precautions in keeping our team and our customers safe.


To help us achieve our goal of safety we ask all customers for some patience while practicing social distancing. We strongly advise customers to call ahead or go online to place orders for delivery and for pick up orders. Due to increased order volume, wait times for all orders are longer than normal. As always, all orders are cooked to order. Thank you again for your patience.


All orders are to be collected at our designated window at our curbside. All customers and delivery partners (UberEats and DoorDash) are requested to wait outside while meals are cooked.


We have been extremely busy since reopening and appreciate your support and patience. We are doing the best we can and look forward to serving you again soon. Please note, our store hours are 11:30am – 10pm daily and our Express Buffet is closed until further notice.



April 4, 2020


Dear Valued Customers,

We have decided to close temporarily after our dinner service today, Saturday April 4, 2020. At this time we will be closed for the rest of the month of April. We will be watching closely to see when we can safely open to serve the community again.

Thank you for your support through these very challenging times. We take great pride and have tremendous gratitude knowing we were chosen by you to safely serve thousands of freshly made delicious meals over the last few weeks.

We have been following local recommendations and regulations all while we were growing more concerned for the safety of our customers and for our team and their loved ones. It has become increasingly clear that it is becoming rapidly more dangerous to operate our business even at our limited “take-away” only capacity.

Thank you for your understanding. Together we will get through this. #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

Stay safe, healthy, and positive,

Original Number One Team


March 17, 2020

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 01.23.08.png

Dear Valued Customers,


As promised, we have been following this situation closely. In the interest of everybody’s safety we have decided to reduce our business hours and will open from 11:30am -10:30pm every day until further notice. We will no longer have in store seating. All food will be packed to-go for takeaway, or delivery through our delivery team or one of our delivery partners (DoorDash and UberEats).


While we will continue to take walk-in orders for takeaway, we advise our customers to try to call ahead or order online for pick up orders as we anticipate an increase in orders as more restaurants reduce their hours and seating capacity. We also ask for a little more patience from our delivery staff as we work to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. We will still be available on DoorDash and UberEats although delivery availability on these apps is dependent on their delivery partners.


Our express buffet section will see a reduction in items served in order to keep items in faster rotation and even fresher. All items will be packed for takeaway. As always, the express buffet table will be handled by a dedicated and gloved employee. As always, there is zero public handling of any of our express buffet items.


We have kept to our promise of sanitizing all door handles, restroom door handles, and other frequently used surfaces every 30 minutes throughout the day. We will continue to monitor this situation and will keep all of our customers informed of any new information.



Danny and Fung Lam

Founder and President

Original Number One Chinese Kitchen

addressing your concerns around covid-19

March 13, 2020

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 19.10.23.png

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for the continued support through 39 years now and especially during these very concerning times. As with all local businesses, we have certainly felt the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that most of our staff are born and raised in this community as we have hired locally wherever and whenever possible. 100% of our team call the local area and Essex County home. Many of us are trying to support our children and families through this crisis just like you. 

We want to update you on our efforts to ease some of your concerns but first, let us air out the elephant in the room; 

Not one team member has taken a trip to China and not one team member has been ill or shown any symptoms of having COVID-19 or the common cold or flu. 

Now onto our current and continued efforts:

  • We have added to our regular cleaning and disinfecting of all regularly used surface areas with an added focus on door handles and dining room tables.

  • We have worked closely with our cleaning and maintenance partner, Cintas to regularly sanitize all restrooms. 

  • We emphasize proper handwashing techniques and as always make it 100% mandatory for all employees to wash hands before their shift, after restroom use, and after any meal break. 

  • As always all of our buffet items are held at 150 F degrees, well above the ServSafe standard of 135 F degrees and are changed out regularly with a max hold time of 60 minutes, well before the ServSafe standard of 120 minutes. 

  • All food orders are cooked to order and handled with the utmost care and packed onto a tray or into carry-out bags by gloved employees. 


Our entire team have the same concerns as you and your loved ones during this time and are doing our part to keep everyone as safe as possible. Updates on this situation are being made regularly by local and state officials and we will be monitoring very closely. These are trying times indeed but together we will get through this. 


Fung Lam

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